Drunk in space

This is the water cooler at my work.  The label reads:

“Daiohs ‘Pure Water’ is produced by the reverse osmosis process, the same technology used by NASA of the United States.  You will enjoy the clear taste as chilled water, or as hot water for coffee and tea.”

There’s two things I like about this label:

1. There’s something charming about “NASA of the United States”.
2. I’m fascinated by marketing that uses loose associations to build respect.  You have to admit that attempting to connect your filtered water to NASA is a lot punchier than “We use the reverse osmosis system: the same as everyone else.”

I one day hope to see: “Eat cheese, as infallibly consumed by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI”.


One thought on “Drunk in space

  1. This is how problems begin for NASA of the United States. Small information disclosures like the fact they use the reverse osmosis process can be used by malicious actors to undermine their programs. Either that or Daiohs has just revealed that NASA of the United States is one of their customers. Either way – thin edge of the wedge matey.

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