I grow my own stash

A normal Subway restaurant in Tokyo:

Or IS it?

Well, obviously not. In this Subway, they grow their own hydroponic lettuce for use in the store.  They call it “831 Lab“:

As far as I know, this is a special trial only run in a few stores.

The name “831 Lab” is interesting in itself.   Numbers in Japanese can be pronounced in various ways.  One way you can write 8-3-1 is Ya-San-Ichi, which you could shorten down to get “ya-sa-i”.  “Yasai” in Japanese means “vegetable”, so, 831 Lab is the “vegetable lab”.


2 thoughts on “I grow my own stash

  1. Surely that’s not enough lettuce for a subway to work?! Around here 98% of the salad (and thus 48% of the whole sandwich – 50% of which is bread) is lettuce. They’d need half of one of those hydroponic bays for one turkey club.

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