I like my soup like my laughter: canned

It’s gotten cold in Tokyo: not arctic cold, but enough to make everyone a little grumpy.

The perfect fix: hot tomato soup, just like Mama used to make!  I’m assuming your Mama made soup in a gigantic industrial vat, poured it into 200ml ring-pull cans and sold it to her children from vending machines.

For the princely sum of 120 yen, you can be quaffing a hot can of vended tomato soup in seconds.  And how is it?  Not too bad at all!

Sadly, while you can find hot corn soup in vending machines everywhere, I’ve only found this tomato soup in one vending machine in the whole of Tokyo, whose location I have promptly forgotten.


4 thoughts on “I like my soup like my laughter: canned

  1. The idea of hot food in a can intrigues me (in the “ow my fingers!” kind of way).

    And now I really want a nice bowl of tomato and basil soup….

    • I’ve been checking out every vending machine I see, but still no cans of soup. Also, they design the cans out of thicker steel, so that it’s bearable. I do often have to cradle it in my scarf until it cools a bit, though.

  2. I was reading an essay being written by a japanese student on the bus this morning (yes, I was shoulder surfing – I don’t usually, but the bus was late so I was bored). It was a description of the differences between her home town (I think Osaka? It was short and started with O but some of her letters were not quite right) and Brisbane. Top of the list – garbage is easier to sort, and fruit is cheaper.

    I’m going to assume she was being polite in not mentioning the relative low-techiness of everything.

    • I miss cheap fruit and thoughtless garbage sorting, that’s for sure.

      I will have to write a piece about relative techiness of things here one of these days. It’s probably higher on the whole just due to the sheer number of people here, but probably not quite as high as you’d imagine. I’d guess that 20 years ago Japan was untouchable for tech, but anything cool built here that got any application in the West seems to find its way there faster now. Plus, on the contrary, a lot of tech (like the iPhone) is finding its way here from overseas.

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