Nightmares rendered in plastic

If you know anything about Japan, you know about the art style of Japanese cartoons.  Notably, it features characters with enormous eyes:

It allows the artist to show emotions in an exaggerated, often comic way. Once you’ve seen enough of this style, you cease to really notice how different the proportions are to what we’re used to.

Well, someone at my local consume-a-torium reasoned, if it works for cartoons, why not fashion mannequins used in store displays?

Why not indeed.

The horror…

The horror…

The horror…


It’s okay to geek out now and then

For the fans of Japanese animation out there, you might like these coin lockers advertising the Neon Genesis Evangelion movie that came earlier this year.¬† You can (or at least, could) find this in Akihabara, technology paradise, where coin lockers are in plentiful supply for all those giant robot figurines you’ve been “investing” in.

I’ve also just realised that besides now, the sum total of my manga and anime-related postings is only one other time! ¬† You’d almost wonder which country I was actually in.